Game Instructions and Answer Keys

Here you'll find instructions and answer keys for all our baby shower games.


Sweet Life Candy Match Game
Players try to match popular candy bar titles with various pregnancy and baby related words and phrases. There is a time limit on the game, but feel free to adjust it to fit your shower. The player with the most correct matches is the winner.

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Guests fill in their card with baby related gift items they think the mommy-to-be will receive. During the gift opening, players mark off the items that match their card. The first player to get five in a row (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) wins.

Baby ABC’s
Players choose a baby item that begins with each letter of the alphabet. Players earn points for items no one else has. The player with the most points wins.

Baby Word Scramble
Players race to unscramble various baby words. The player who gets them all first wins.
Another variation: Set a time limit. The player who gets the most in the set time wins.

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Around the World Baby Game
Players try to match the way BABY is said in languages around the world. The first person to get them all correct wins.

Guess the Baby Food Game
Players try to identify the contents of each baby food jar. They are free to taste, touch or smell if they’d like. The player to get the most jars correct wins.

Host instructions: Purchase 12 different baby food jars. Remove the store labels and attach the game labels to each jar. Be sure to write down which baby food is in each jar and the matching number so you’ll have an answer key!

Baby Names
Players try to match the correct baby name and gestation period for each animal listed. The player with the most correct wins.

What’s in Your Purse?
Players scavenge through their purse to see how many of the listed items they can find. Each item only counts once, no matter how many they have in their purse. For example, if a player has 12 coins in their purse, they only get 3 points for having coins in their purse, NOT 3 points per coin. Players then add up their points for their grand total. The player with the most points wins.

Name That Price
Players guess the price of each of the listed items. The player who has a grand total closest to the actual price wins!

Host instructions (choose an option):
1. Purchase each item listed and keep your receipt for the total. Display the items in a basket for the game, then gift the basket to the mom-to-be. 2. Visit your local store before the baby shower to obtain prices for each of the items listed.